Painting Letters on Wood- Pallet Herb Garden Part 2

Painting Letters on Wood This week I will be covering part 2 of our pallet herb garden posts. Last week I shared > this post <about how we created an herb garden using discarded pallets. I had promised y’all that I would write part 2 detailing how I transferred the labels onto the pallets for painting letters shown below. I have never been very good at free-hand painting letters. I need some sort of stencil or guide to help keep them looking nice.  Over[Read more]

Burlap Curtain Step by Step DIY

DIY Burlap Curtain

Making A Burlap Curtain for a Door You know how when you move to a new house you immediately find that you need some new things? I mean NEED, not want. Like when you get moved in and realize that the tub has no stopper, or the new house has 3 showers and you only moved with 2 shower curtains. Well this was one of those situations. On only the second night in our new home we sat down to dinner. We[Read more]