Produce Coupons- Save on Fresh Foods

Did you know you can get Produce Coupons? Something I just recently discovered was that I can get produce coupons. A few years ago I used to coupon like the extreme coupon show. I cut coupons, had a binder and matched up ads with double or triple coupon days.  I found that once I started working outside the home I had to make some cut backs to save time so now most of my couponing is done through my phone. You[Read more]

Top 5 Money Saving Apps

Money Saving Apps

As most of you know, we are a family of 8.  We have 5 children ages 7-17 and we also care for an adult child as well.  Being frugal and budgeting is the only way we can survive.  Fortunately, over the years I have become somewhat of an expert on saving money in many different ways.  Today I am going to feature my top 5 money saving apps. I feel like I need apologize in advance that my screen shots have[Read more]