5 Favorite Pins- Paris Theme Room

Next month we will be doing “the great room swap”, you know, where the children move rooms and we have complete chaos for a few weeks?   Well the idea is, we have two of our girls moving to their dorm rooms so we figured what better time, right?  Currently, we have the two boys each in their own room down stairs and all 4 girls upstairs.  In “the great room swap” we plan to bring my middle daughter (12) down stairs to[Read more]

5 Favorite Pins- Farmhouse Kitchen

5 favorite Pins Farmhouse Kitchen

Hubby and I are planning a kitchen update over the next coming months.  We plan to start with the floors, mainly because we have a structural issue that needs to be addressed in the form of soft sub-flooring by the sink. After the flooring goes in we will paint the cabinets and then later do the counter tops.  Of course, all of this requires two things we always running short on, time and money. Which means right now we are still in[Read more]