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Do It Yourself Wooden Succulent Planter

I know succulents are all the rage this year, so when it came time to think about end of the year teacher gifts I knew that I wanted some sort of succulent planter project.  Each year I try to make our gifts for our teachers because, with 5 kids in school we need to do a lot of gifts on a tight budget.  We have some really awesome teachers so we needed some really awesome gifts!  I thought mini succulent planters would be really cute sitting on a desk! They could also make cute shower favors or place card holders for a wedding.

I was planning to make concrete planters with paper cups (which I might still do just to share with y’all later) or possibly some cute copper pipe fitting planters I saw on Pinterest, but my hubby recently bought a drill press and I needed a project to test that baby out!  Wood block planters was where I landed.Step by Step DIY guide to make a wooden mini succulent planter


We have a few basic power tools around the house and a few specialty ones too, but this project can also be adapted to be done with the more basic tools.


4×4 pressure treated lumber- length depending on how many you want to make- I made 12 which requires about 3′

Mini succulents of your choice- I purchased 1 inch size plants, 3 types

Wood Stain or Sealant if desired


Saw- I used a compound miter saw

Drill with 1.5″ drill bit- I used a drill press to save time

Sandpaper and sander- a sanding block would also work.  I used 180 grit

Tape measure or ruler

Each succulent planter is 3″ tall.  To start you will want to measure and mark 3″ from the end of your 4×4 board.  Use a saw of your choice to cut the 3″ piece off of the board, I used a compound miter saw.  I was making 12 planters so I went ahead and measured then cut all 12 pieces to get started.

Next you will need to find the center of the board. Keeping in mind that a 4×4 is not truely 4″ x 4″, I measured the actual sides of my square and divided that in half to make my marks in the center. Center your drill bit on the top where you made marks. Using a 1.5 drill bit, drill down 1.5″-1.75″ deep. Despite using the drill press this step took some time and the drill bit gets very hot! Because it was getting so hot I decided to not drill all 12 blocks back to back. I did a rotation of drilling a block then sanding it before starting the next one so that the drill and drill bit could cool down a bit.  Sand your block smooth on all surfaces, I wanted a rounded edge so I paid special attention to sanding all the edges.  You could do less sanding on the edges for sharper corners.  Note: I did not sand inside the hole I drilled since you will not see that part once it is filled with dirt.

Succulent - steps to make wooden DIY planter

Once you have all of your pieces drilled and sanded you will stain or seal the outside of the wood.  I had some stain leftover from the Herringbone Trellis so I used that along with some furniture wax I had on hand from chalk painting.  I did 6 with stain and 6 with wax. I used a rag to apply the wax and a foam brush for the stain but ended up wiping it with another rag because it was too dark.  I was careful not to apply in the planting hole just in case those chemicals are harmful to the plants. I wanted a little variety and wanted to be able to report back to y’all which worked out better, but both processes worked equally fine.  I found that I like how the wax leaves the wood grain beautifully visible but I also love the dark wood for the contrast against the plant.  I guess it would just depend on your personal style of what you want to try.

succulent planter wooden box

Lastly, I planted my 1″ succulents in each planter.  They fit just perfect in the holes I drilled, no extra dirt required! I gently pushed them down until the dirt was just below the rim of the planter. I purchased these plants at Lowes Hardware in the garden department, they have a good variety of types. Because the space is limited these plants should stay about the same size and not grow much larger. Succulents require very little water so I have been watering mine with a dropper, just a few milliliters every few days.

mini succulents for planters

I really love how these turned out and you can’t beat the cost.

For 12 plants (3 packages with 4 plants in each) I paid just about $12. Plus roughly $7 for the 4×4, and I didn’t even use the whole thing! Even if I had purchased a small container of stain instead of using what I had on hand this project would come in at approx. $24 for 12 mini succulent planters.

succulent planter wooden box

Please be advised, Simply Said Seven suggests you use all your tools as advised in your manufactures manual and only operate tools you are familiar with using.

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  1. I have access to a lot of 4×4 cutoffs from our deck building fiasco. And all the power tools an ex-wife could hope to break. Guess what I’m making this summer! You’ll never guess! 😀 This is gonna be fun.

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