Painting Letters on Wood- Pallet Herb Garden Part 2

Painting Letters on Wood

This week I will be covering part 2 of our pallet herb garden posts. Last week I shared > this post <about how we created an herb garden using discarded pallets. I had promised y’all that I would write part 2 detailing how I transferred the labels onto the pallets for painting letters shown below.

Pallet Herb Garden do it yourself

I have never been very good at free-hand painting letters. I need some sort of stencil or guide to help keep them looking nice.  Over the years I have used trial and error to find a process that I now use on many projects.  Here are the 4 step process I use to get perfect letters transferred onto wood so that I can paint them.

Four Easy Steps

  1. Print the wording on your computer. You can do any font you would like in any size that will fit your project. I recommend using a font that is not too thin or it may be hard to trace. I use a gray color just to save on printer ink.
  2. Tape your printed words onto the wood project.  You can see my words were so large that they did not fit on one sheet of paper so I had to tape them together first.
  3. Trace your letters pressing very firmly with a ball point pen. Do not use a pen that you love as it will likely be destroyed in this process.  It doesn’t matter if they ink runs out, you are simply using it as a rolling tool to press into the wood.  When you remove the paper your letters will be indented into the wood.Transferring and painting Letters on wood4.  Using the paint of your choice, fill in the letters on the using the indentation as your stencil. If it does not come out perfect, you can always distress it and make it look perfect. I am a huge fan of the distressed look so I used a scrap of sandpaper to lightly rough up all of my labeling.

Transferring and painting letters on wood

Transferring and painting letters on wood

If your project is going to be used outdoors, like our pallet herb garden was, I suggest using some sort of sealant to protect your paint.  A clear coat of paint is an excellent choice. We choose a matte clear and only applied directly over the lettering, leaving the rest of the wood unpainted.

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