Counter Top Clutter Eliminated

Counter Top Clutter

I am a neat freak. There I said it.  As a mom of many, keeping things tidy and organized is not always possible but the urge to do so runs strong in me.  It’s a constant battle of what I want to accomplish vs. what I have time for. I am always on a quest to eliminate clutter in small doses, especially the counter top clutter.

I know there has to be other people out there that can relate, right???

Our current kitchen layout has a small counter between the fridge and the stove, a prime space for clutter.  We have always asked the kids to use the same cup all day so that we do not have a huge pile of dishes, and we drink water so as long as they don’t share cups they do not get very dirty.  You see where I am going here… that little counter was always a collection of cups.  We have 5 kids but there was always at least 12 cups.  No one knew who’s was who’s for the day so the collection just kept growing.

Our counter looked like this. counter top clutter eliminated

Personalized Glasses

The quest to end counter top clutter lead me to make this simple DIY project.  I had borrowed my friend’s Cricut Machine to cut some letters for a sign I was painting (see that DIY >>>here<<<) and while I had my hot little hands on the machine I decided to do a few other small projects, one of them being personalize glasses for the kids. I wanted to use glass because it fits the Farmhouse theme of our kitchen, for a font decided to do a design similar to one of our favorite board games.

counter top clutter eliminated

If you don’t want to cut your own letters…

Visit my friends at It’s Southern Swag on Etsy >>>here<<<  or Facebook >>>here<<< and they will set you up with what you need.  You might not find it in the store but rest assured they have been informed that there may be requests for this project.  Just drop them a message.

However if you are looking for a fun DIY keep reading.  Maybe you have some of these supplies on hand already or can borrow a machine like I did? Or you want to invest in the supplies to make some more of infinite projects available using vinyl cutting. Either way…

Here are the supplies I used:

(affiliate links)

  • Mason Jars with handles.  I ordered 12 for about $2 each on Amazon (Free ship with Prime!) shown below.

Ball 40014 plain drinking mugs, box of 12 , 16 oz each

  • Vinyl Sheets.  Be sure you use permanent not short or medium use.  5 sheets is about $7 on Amazon, you will have extras for another project.

Expressions Vinyl – Black (glossy) 5-pack of adhesive vinyl sheets – 12″x12″ outdoor/permanent

  • You will need Transfer Tape if you do not already have some.

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape

  • This is the Cricut Machine I recommend.  Any cutter machine would work if you already have a different one or can borrow one.

 Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine

  • And this is the font cartridge I used if you wanted your glasses to be exactly like mine.  I used the first font listed in the Everyday Font booklet.

 Cricut Everyday Font Cartridge for Craft


Cutting your vinyl

I cut my letters at 2 inches tall to start and then had a mishap (keep reading below) and had to redo a few. I used 2.5 inches tall on the replacements M and E, you can decide which you like better in my photos.  All of my numbers are 1 inch tall.

I did a quick Google search to look up how many points each letter was worth on our favorite board game and wrote down the ones I needed for my children’s initials.

Set up your Cricut (or other machine) to cut vinyl, the manual should be able to help you out there for depth.  Run a few test cuts to make sure you are cutting through the vinyl and not all the way through the backing. Once you have the settings correct you can start cutting your letters out.  I cut all my letters first and then all my numbers because I feel like it wastes less vinyl but I am uber thrifty and I wanted to adjust the spacing between the letter and number to my liking.

After cutting your letters you will “weed” the extra vinyl off (remove all the left over edges of vinyl and any pieces left inside of letters) so that only the letter/number is left.

You will now cut a piece of transfer paper to fit over the letter/number and apply that pressing firmly all around. Peal the transfer paper off the the vinyl backing and the letter should lift off with it. You can now use the transfer paper to apply the letter where you would like it on the glass.  I used a craft stick to rub the vinyl firmly onto the glass.  You want a really good bond.Counter top clutter eliminated

Mishap that caused me to have to redo some of the glasses.

I had done a fair share of research about using vinyl on glass and what to buy.  The information I had found was fairly split on how dishwasher safe the finished product would be.  I decided to try out 2 of them in the dishwasher and see what happened so that I could accurately report that information on the blog (which was still the dreaming phases back then).  You can probably guess that they 2 I tested were the M and the E and the vinyl letters did not make it through the dishwasher.  Well, technically they made it though but no longer attached to my glasses. So, I just decided to cut 2 new ones.

Now we hand wash these glasses.  I wash them daily with soapy hot water and we have had no issues with it pealing or lifting at all this way, 6 months later.

Dealing with Two of the Same Initials

About a month after I had made the set of 5 glasses we had the opportunity to welcome in another adult child into our home while she finished High School and through the summer. This fall she and my daughter will go off to collage together and be roommates.  Of course I had to make a glass for her for the time she is in our home. The only problem was that she is a T just like my son, so to distinguish the two apart I put a small circle on the back of her glass.  Problem solved.

counter top clutter eliminated

The End Result

Now our counter top clutter is completely gone.

HAHAHA I can dream right?

At least on this one little section the counter top clutter is gone, the rest of the kitchen still needs some work!

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6 thoughts on “Counter Top Clutter Eliminated

  1. This is really a cute idea! I am going to try something like this when all of my grandkids are visiting. My glasses won’t be as fancy as yours but I will copy your idea. I cannot stand countertop clutter either.

  2. This is an amazing idea you had…. and simply cute if you ask me. I have the same space in my house with same problem. Whats funny is in that spot I have the same jars with supplies sitting in back ground like your house lol did you come in my house????? Happy to find ya at the #alittlebitofeverything

  3. I am a super organized person too and absolutely love this idea of the personalized mugs! So many things in my house are labelled. My kids tell me that my house is way too un-naturally clean. I guess that’s a good thing?!!

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