Nest Builders Link Up Party #12

Nest builders Link Up Thursday

Here is what I have been up to:   This week I wrote up a post “The secret to painting over a dark color”.  We are in the midst of moving the kids from room to room and changing decor as part of that.  My middle daughter is going to be getting her own space and she wanted a light and fresh color to go with her “Paris theme” that she is dreaming of.  The walls were a very deep[Read more]

The Secret to Painting Over a Dark Color

painting over a dark color

Not too long ago I shared with you how we will be doing “the great room swap” this month.  You can read all about that >>>here<<<.  Basically, one son is moving upstairs, one daughter is moving downstairs into that room, and two girls are moving out to dorms this month.  Anyways, when we bought this house both of the smaller bedrooms down stairs were painted dark blue.  The first step in the great room swap was to paint one of those blue[Read more]

5 Favorite Pins- Paris Theme Room

Next month we will be doing “the great room swap”, you know, where the children move rooms and we have complete chaos for a few weeks?   Well the idea is, we have two of our girls moving to their dorm rooms so we figured what better time, right?  Currently, we have the two boys each in their own room down stairs and all 4 girls upstairs.  In “the great room swap” we plan to bring my middle daughter (12) down stairs to[Read more]

Produce Coupons- Save on Fresh Foods

Did you know you can get Produce Coupons? Something I just recently discovered was that I can get produce coupons. A few years ago I used to coupon like the extreme coupon show. I cut coupons, had a binder and matched up ads with double or triple coupon days.  I found that once I started working outside the home I had to make some cut backs to save time so now most of my couponing is done through my phone. You[Read more]

5 Favorite Pins- Farmhouse Kitchen

5 favorite Pins Farmhouse Kitchen

Hubby and I are planning a kitchen update over the next coming months.  We plan to start with the floors, mainly because we have a structural issue that needs to be addressed in the form of soft sub-flooring by the sink. After the flooring goes in we will paint the cabinets and then later do the counter tops.  Of course, all of this requires two things we always running short on, time and money. Which means right now we are still in[Read more]

Counter Top Clutter Eliminated

Counter Top Clutter I am a neat freak. There I said it.  As a mom of many, keeping things tidy and organized is not always possible but the urge to do so runs strong in me.  It’s a constant battle of what I want to accomplish vs. what I have time for. I am always on a quest to eliminate clutter in small doses, especially the counter top clutter. I know there has to be other people out there that can[Read more]

Top 5 Money Saving Apps

Money Saving Apps

As most of you know, we are a family of 8.  We have 5 children ages 7-17 and we also care for an adult child as well.  Being frugal and budgeting is the only way we can survive.  Fortunately, over the years I have become somewhat of an expert on saving money in many different ways.  Today I am going to feature my top 5 money saving apps. I feel like I need apologize in advance that my screen shots have[Read more]

Painting Letters on Wood- Pallet Herb Garden Part 2

Painting Letters on Wood This week I will be covering part 2 of our pallet herb garden posts. Last week I shared > this post <about how we created an herb garden using discarded pallets. I had promised y’all that I would write part 2 detailing how I transferred the labels onto the pallets for painting letters shown below. I have never been very good at free-hand painting letters. I need some sort of stencil or guide to help keep them looking nice.  Over[Read more]

Pallet Herb Garden Part 1

Pallet Herb Garden do it yourself

Pallet Herb Garden Fresh herbs. There are just no substitutes for fresh herbs.  We have a fairly large vegetable garden and have recently planted a few fruit trees and grapes. But herbs… they are so useful and take such a small space to grow.  Even when we were living in homes with no space for a garden, we still did herbs.  We just used creative ways to grow them, such as this pallet herb garden. We just so happened to have[Read more]

Succulent Planter DIY

succulent in wooden desk planter

Do It Yourself Wooden Succulent Planter I know succulents are all the rage this year, so when it came time to think about end of the year teacher gifts I knew that I wanted some sort of succulent planter project.  Each year I try to make our gifts for our teachers because, with 5 kids in school we need to do a lot of gifts on a tight budget.  We have some really awesome teachers so we needed some really awesome[Read more]