5 Favorite Pins- Paris Theme Room

Next month we will be doing “the great room swap”, you know, where the children move rooms and we have complete chaos for a few weeks?   Well the idea is, we have two of our girls moving to their dorm rooms so we figured what better time, right?  Currently, we have the two boys each in their own room down stairs and all 4 girls upstairs.  In “the great room swap” we plan to bring my middle daughter (12) down stairs to her own room, moving the youngest son upstairs.

Do you need a chart?  I feel like I do.

  • TT (18) – moving her from upstairs to dorms
  • M (17) – moving her from upstairs to dorms
  • T (16) – staying where he is
  • J (12) – moving her from upstairs to downstairs, into her own room
  • E (8) – staying where she is
  • C (7) – moving him from downstairs to upstairs

If you are still with me great, if you are totally lost…. welcome to my world!

Paris Theme Room

This brings us to the topic of my post today.  J is moving into her own room and she has decided she wants this to be a Paris theme room.  She and I have been pinning ideas to get started and we will blog the progress when we start putting this together as well.  You can find our entire board and follow us >>>HERE<<< or just follow along and see our top 5 favorite pins in our Paris theme room board.

***If you are repinning these please do so by opening the “source” linked under each photo. ***

1) Photo Eiffel Tower

I was lucky enough to visit Paris in an exchange program as a teen.  I know that somewhere in the attic I have a box of postcards I collected on that trip, I only hope I might have enough to do this DIY project on her main wall.  Pretty cool.

Paris theme room  Source 

2) Paris Postcard Dresser

I think that this dresser could be a really fun DIY for the two of us.  I happen to have a dresser that needs painting and we would either hand do the lettering like I did in this post >>>HERE<<< or use vinyl cut outs like I did in this post >>>HERE<<<.  Either way, I am sure we could make something really cute inspired by this one.

Paris Theme Room


3) Paris Lampshade

Using the method detailed in this pin, I think we could make a really cute Paris Lampshade.
Paris Theme Room Source 

4) Paris Art

This project looks totally doable, and adorable!

Paris Theme Room  Source 

5) Color Palette

Last but not least, here is the current leader in the color palettes.  J wants the main accent to be coral and I would like a neutral on the walls, leaning towards a silvery grey.

The room is currently teal blue from the previous owners.  Dark teal blue.  That will be a fun one to paint over.

Paris Theme Room


So, what do you think of what we have so far?  Any great Paris theme decor you want to share with us?


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